Special Events

Link and Learn Workshop
The workshop brought together various role players to discuss service delivery matters at the Sisonke District.

Foundation for Human Rights (FHR) Funded Events
KZNPPHC raised awareness on Human Rights through Youth Day and Women’s Day Events which were funded by the Foundation for Human Rights (FHR).

Youth Day Event
The aim of the campaign was to lobby and advocate for children’s rights in the community. This was aimed at raising awareness on the abuse and child neglect especially those that concerned OVCs. The issue of responsibilities was also highlighted to the children, so that they understand that rights come with responsibilities.

There were series of awareness workshops in the area where both children and parents were given platforms to share what they understood about rights and responsibilities and how parents/guardians and children could compromise where they are unable to agree.

The community involvement as well as that of the INkosi Molefe and Councilor Mlaba made all the planned events to be a success. Mahlutshini and Lotheni Netball Groups were local organisations that assisted during the Youth Day event.

Women’s Day Event
The aim was also to advocate and lobby for women’s rights. The areas targeted are still very traditional and in most cases women do not have a voice on matters that concern sexuality issues. Women also got to meet different organisations and government departments that deal with gender based violence and other related matters.

There were build up workshops for two weeks in different areas where women discussed their issues and offered support and advice to other women in similar situations. The main event took place on the 27th August 2011. We also had support from the community and from organisations such as Isibindi organisation, Imbudlu Stepmore organisation and Nkangala Women’s organization. These organisations also deal with women’s issues in the area.

Community Outreach Project
As part of Mandela day, KZNPPHC joined other organisations in a cleanup campaign at Addington hospital in July 2012. The hospital management appreciated the support provided by all participating organisations